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Win New Jersey Pick 4 Lottery

New Jersey Pick 4 Lottery

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Telephone:  1-800-222-0996

Address:  New Jersey Lottery Commission

One Lawrence Park Complex Brunswick Avenue Circle Lawrence, NJ  08640NJ Lottery

Mailing Address:  New Jersey Lottery

P.O. Box 041, Trenton, NJ 08625-0041


New Jersey Pick 4

NJ Pick 4 Lottery

Midday Drawing at 12:57pm Eastern Time Every Day

Evening Drawing at 7:56pm Eastern Time Every Day

Drawn by Mechanical Lottery Ball Machine (Televised Locally)


Most Recent Pick 4 Results


Players must be 18 years of age or older to play NJ Pick 4.


Robert Walsh Pick 4 System’s Strategy Winning Results


NEWEST STRAIGHT/BOX WIN …..11.2.2013 Evening Drawing…….5104


August 16 – 31, 2013 – System’s Winning Results

New Jersey Winning Pick 4 Numbers with Robert Walsh’s Pick 4 Lottery System

8.16. Midday Drawing …….. 6165

8.16. Evening Drawing ……. 0751

8.17. Midday Drawing …….. 4308

8.17. Evening Drawing ……. 8495

8.18. Midday Drawing ……. 8665

8.18. Evening Drawing …… 6602

8.19. Midday Drawing ……. 8438

8.19. Evening Drawing …… 5518

8.22. Midday Drawing …… 7059

8.22. Evening Drawing …. 4483

8.23. Midday Drawing ……. 2914

8.25. Midday Drawing …… 2364

8.25. Evening Drawing ….. 0006

8.26. Midday Drawing …… 4054

8.26. Evening Drawing ….. 1446

8.27. Evening Drawing ….. 5007

8.28. Midday Drawing ….. 5426

8.28. Evening Drawing …. 5375

8.29.Midday Drawing ….. 2821

8.29. Evening Drawing … 8746

8.30. Midday Drawing …. 2992

8.30. Evening Drawing … 0479

8.31. Midday Drawing …. 4550

8.31. Evening Drawing … 1492


Players have up to 365 days to cash their Winning Tickets from the date of the drawing.


New Jersey Lottery News ……. August 31, 2013:   The Red Ball Promotion is back September 2 – September 29, 2013.

The 2nd Annual Red Ball Promotion for the Evening Pick 3 and Pick 4 Game Draws will begin on September 2nd and carry through September 29th as the promotional period for the Red Ball to be drawn.  When the RED BALL is drawn after the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Winning Numbers have been drawn, the New Jersey Lottery will automatically double for all winning prizes of the NJ Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lotteries for that evening.

The Red Ball Promotion guarantees to be drawn at least once every seven days during this period of time.

A separate game machine will contain six (6) white balls and one (1) red ball.  Each time a WHITE BALL is drawn it will be removed from the machine bettering the odds that the RED BALL will be drawn in the following drawings.

If the RED BALL is drawn, then all seven (7) balls will be returned to the machine for the next drawing.

More Good News from the New Jersey Lottery…….Join the New Jersey VIP Club for the Second Chance for $1 Million.

When you’re a VIP, even your non-winning tickets can be rewarding. That’s because you have exclusive access to the New Jersey Lottery’s Second Chance Drawings and Million Dollar Replay.

million dollar replay

The Number #1 rule of VIP Club Second Chance Drawings: Hold onto your non-winning Instant Tickets.

Because for VIP Club members, non-winning Instant Tickets can make you a millionaire with Million Dollar Replay.

All you have to do is collect and enter $10 of eligible NJ Lottery non-winning Instant Tickets to qualify for a chance to be entered in a $1,000,000 grand prize drawing.

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